Begging for Feedback (sound like a dog)

Dear Readers,

I’ve been spending a lot of time researching what it’ll take to get Vacationland onto bestseller lists.  I believe I’ve accomplished the first and foremost task of writing a good story.  I do, however, have questions about the next critical elements: cover design, back flap description and price.

I realize that many of you bought the book because you know me and you didn’t think twice about the above questions.  I appreciate that level of faith.  Now I’m trying to drive sales outside this tight circle of friends and family.  I’d really like your ideas and insights.

Does the cover “grab” you?  Does it make you want to flip to the back to read the description?  Does it convey what might be inside the book?  How could it be different or better?

Does the description on the back entice you to know more?

Are you resistant to the price?  Apparently, the sweet spot price for an ebook is $2.99 to $5.99.  It’s a balancing act between attracting more readers or more revenue.

With today’s technology, I can remedy any and all of the above with a keystroke.  Again, I’d be very grateful if you took a moment to consider and then drop me an email



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