Vacationland  is  FOR SALE

Welcome to Vacationland.  We are now open for the season.

You may purchase a physical copy of the novel from Amazon.  We are having formatting issues with the Kindle edition and are presently ironing out the kinks.  The ebook should be available in a couple of days.

Vacationland  will also be available through your local bookstore.

A note to my readers:  Needless to say, I am very excited about this launch.  This book is a culmination of years of work and decades of living in Waldo County, Maine.  I trust you will find the book entertaining – my ultimate goal as a writer.

Perhaps it is gauche to put this so plainly, but after you buy and read Vacationland,  I would be grateful if you wrote a review for Amazon.  It could be as brief as “two thumbs……..” If you liked the book, I would be much obliged if you spread the word to all your friends.  I believe in this book, and want as many people to know about it as possible.  Think of it as a project.  We can all watch this phenomenon take off.

I welcome any and all comments and insights.  You may contact me through my, or email

My writing continues…

Once Upon a Nightmare is a novel about a bored family man who receives an offer he should refuse.  He chooses a life of crime, becomes exhilarated inside the maelstrom, then decides to leave this darkness and turn towards the light.  Giving notice and requesting severance pay is not the suggested exit strategy from the underworld.  How would you get out?  This book is “finished” and is in the editing stage.

A Maximum Mistake is in the initial stages.  Five stories intertwine, connected by their links to narcotrafficing, the war on drugs and what the money and criminality are doing to the fabric of Latin American society.

I will keep you informed.  As always, I appreciate your interest in my writings.

Many good things (come from inside a lobster trap, buy Vacationland),

Nat Goodale