Word on the Street

” I really enjoyed my visit inside the lobster trap. It’s a page turner. Well crafted, some great sentences. Good local color. Well done.”

“Love the Donny character and the insights into lobstering.  And of course the shout out to H’ford, BMC and the Main Point.  It would make a great movie.””Hysterical clause.  You are so clever.  Now let’s sell some books!”

“I finished the book. Really good Nat! My favorite Chapter I think was 37 (book is at home) when Shelly and her mother are in the garden and Shelly cries. Very touching and wise and so much more. You are a good writer. Keep going. I wrote a review for Amazon ending with “I hated when the book was over.”

“I am reading your book and I think it is very good. It is believable. One area that many writers have great difficulty with is the sex scene. Yours are real. I think you have achieved something very difficult to do. Congratulations. It should sell.”

“A  straight through read from start to stunning finish! Incredible  verisimilitude… you can taste the salt spray, smell the bait and feel the  chills run up your spine. The guy knows his stuff. Vacationland is no island  picnic; it’s a gripping story that will educate you some to boot. This is a  must-read and a cautionary tale for flatlanders contemplating a migration up to  quaint old Maine to munch lobster rolls and patronize the locals. I’m looking  forward to the movie.”

“Doesn’t that describe a bilge pump?  I enjoyed “Vacationland”, lots of familiar stuff.  Movie next? BTW, I thought the dialogue and the descriptions were excellent.  The sex scenes were even fresh, though I didn’t find the toe-sucking.  Maybe that happens in the sequel when Shelly and Donny reunite and the DUBs appear.”

“Congratulations, a great read!  Just finished and posted a 5 star review.  Jerry Darby??”