Good day! Welcome to my world.

I am in awe and thrilled by the life around me. I became a story teller because I am fascinated by the heartbreak and humor of the human condition. I savor existence and hope to gift you with a small taste of my delight.

This is a place to browse my work, explore my eccentricities and delve into the strange machinations of my mind. You will find excerpts from my published novels as well as my work-in-progress. You will find a smorgasbord of blog posts. You will find information and perspectives on my adopted country Ecuador and more specifically the charming city of Cuenca, which is featured in my coming novel A Maximum Mistake. 

There are links to buy my paperbacks and ebooks. I appreciate your being here and I trust you will find the site entertaining. My goal is to wrap you in a good story and leave you smiling at the end.



Donny Coombs is a fifth generation Maine lobsterman, and he is getting tired of being pushed around. His new neighbors – from away – are on a crusade to save Maine from the Mainers. His girlfriend’s upper class father is bent on killing their relationship. And an Islesboro lobsterman covets Donny’s territory and isn’t getting the message to back off. Ugly undercurrents and spring tight tensions lie beneath the pristine surface of white caps on blue bays and schooner sails on the horizon. Hostilities come to a boil and the results are not pretty. Welcome aboard.








Jesse Langdon III accepts an offer he should refuse. He is lost in a deteriorating marriage and torn by the love for his children. He falls into the depths of the underworld, where unlimited cash brings corruption to the highest levels of government and the courts. It is near impossible to determine who is the assassin, the informant or the federal agent. Once Upon a Nightmare takes readers on a wild ride into the upper echelons of drug smuggling in South America, Florida and New England. Jesse is consumed by the business of running drugs and sinks deeper into his own inner darkness. He and the drug lord’s mistress, Claire, plot their escape. But who is she, really? Two weeks’ notice and a request for severance pay is not a recommended exit strategy from this web of deception and violence. How would you get out?